Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lantorn lost

"Lantorn is lost, all forces regroup at xxxxxx-station in xxxxxxx-system"

That was the message in my communication system as i set course for Dal. That was shocking but not surprising. For a long time the Amarr militia launched every day at an exact time (ooc: after downtime) an offensive against Lantorn and conquered the military bases and complexes. Unable to defend against such large forces the Minmatar militia tried to set some new focal points in the surrounding systems. To no avail. We steadily lost the focus and were hampered by the constant strain that was put upon the pilots who were active when the Amarrians fielded their biggest fleets.

So now Lantorn is lost. But we have a drawerful of new plans. Read about the ongoings in a later post.


John Calvin Hall said...

IC: "Amarr Victor!" Gabriel Theodoulos

OOC: It really was a lot of fun. The Minmatar gave a great fight and the Amarr Faction really came together. gf!

John Calvin Hall

Heinz Kraessler said...

ooc: Yes indeed. But it really is hard to have many pilots in eve after DT. Well done for giving us a hard time and some good fights.