Sunday, January 25, 2009

Real life

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I am still active in the faction warfare and we had some nice battles against our amarr counterparts. Real life kicked me in the butt though and i am trying to get some play time. New updates soon.

Meanwhile in a battle at Amamake system of only 40 to 50 odd ships we got so bad lag that the whole speed-campaign of CCP feels like a joke. But that being my first lag battle in some months i still feel confident. At least we got a nice battle. I was on duty in my Ares interceptor to get some points on enemies. Then we got reports on the enemy fleet which was around the same strength as our fleet. Hidden to us were the some ten or fifteen ships in surrounding systems including some heavy hitters and battleships. This led to our disaster as we fielded more frigate class ships and no battleship. That and the lag was the downfall of our Task Force "Stoogie". Kudos to our enemies for a smack free battle and to our pilots who stood and fled not.

But revenge will come.