Thursday, January 8, 2009

Strategy in space

I did some more ventures into the faction warfare of EVE lately.

Beginning from the 1st of January i participated in the destruction of eight ships and two pods. I joined a new corporation as i had the feeling that my old corp wasnt doing very much. But i hold no grudge to them and have learned some nice tips for PVP. The Tribal Core is deeply in Faction Warfare. I found some very nice people there and they are mostly active during the euopean evening. Thats very great because i can mostly play at this timeframe.

Based from my last post you could get the impression that you can not have very much fun with FW. Bug what you can get is a lot of PVP action. For beginnners in PVP it is an ideal way to get experience in fleet combat. The FC's are mostly competent and even if the militia guys are mostly a bunch of chaotic and unorganized ot Faction Warfare. Pirates (cough cough) and a lot of war targets present themselves. Sometimes you just stay with some other guys from militia in your PVP ships at the gates and wait .. and wait ..... and wait ..... but no targets present themselves. Then you switch to your T1 Cruiser or T1 frigate to run down a complex and all of a sudden the amarr militia is coming in PVP outfit. On other days there is just cat and mouse with fleets and the FC is consulting intel channels, maps and scouts to get a doublecross route to cut the enemy of.

Pure plexing isn't fun. But if you mix it with some PVP and harrassing attacks on the amarr worlds .. then it is.