Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The spoils of war

Kourmonen was a system where a lot of action was about to happen. The local pirate community was happy about the new targets and the Amarr and Minmatar militias were fighting around the system's planets. I plotted a course to the planets and watched nearly at every entry point a battle. Military compounds were found and at the acceleration gates fights erupted nearly instantly when defending pilots headed to the intruders to dispell them from the system.
In the 3 months i was in hiatus i didnt notice that the terrorist Minmatar Freedom Fighter community called Ushra'Khan had a expeditionary corps they called Kinda'Shujaa.

In one month i nearly saw them everywhere around the battlegrounds fighting for the Minmatar milita. And they fought with a vigor i have not seen very often these days. After my body was cleaned via nanocleansing from all drug effects i volunteered to the Kinda'Shuuja corp - and was taken in.

Then i began my killing spree in Kourmonen and surroundings. Seven ships in one day were destroyed with my assistance. My crew got comfortable with the layout of the Taranis and i got confident. We nearly slept in the ship and didnt dock up for targets presented themselves everywhere. Another three ships went down, their crews spilling out of the wrecks while two pods escaped. The third enemy would hopefully wake up in his clone vat. We searched for more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

ooc: Listed in famous Blogroll

Now to something completely different. Shortly after my comeback from hiatus i discovered a blogroll of some fame - the blogroll of EVE-online players - tadaaaa. And now the blog of Kraesslers Coyotes is in the list too. Thanks to CrazyKinux for his blogroll of eve.

It gets even better. This blog will be featured in both the EVE Speedlinking post as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast. So check it out.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

To the war and back

So i went to the frontlines of the Minmatar-Ammar conflict. The militas and big corporations who seemd to have a charge in the war ventured to systems like Auga, Dal or Kourmonen. These were all systems a normal pod pilot would not fly into with easy feelings. It was a pirate infested region. And now the militias of the empires offered themselves as even more targets for the cutthroats of space.

In months i wasn't that happy when i boarded my interceptor. I plotted the course to Auga and dreamt of targets aplenty.

When i arrived in the once near empty system of Auga i counted the ships in space that my scanner could locate. More than 79 ships of all sizes, most of them cruiser-class and below. Perfect. Nearly instantly i attacked a ship that was near a Military outpost. To my dismay instantly a swarm of small frigates warped to the rescue and i had to warp off. What the heck. I need more intel to cope with the new situation.

Monday, December 22, 2008

War is brooding and boring

Well its been a while that i posted here. After my adventures in the Gusandall area with a Rifter, a Tristan and various other frigate hulls i got a bit bored by the absence of targets. That and a new blue stick, that was invented by some gallentean drug lord, made me a bit weary and lazy. I just couldn't resist the call of the blue stick and therefore i got into a welcomed stupor.

After what seemed like months full of drugs, girls and excessive drinking in countless bars the rumors had it that war loomed over the four empires. Well, that sounded strange enough 'cause the current state with the four empires is just a truce between Gallente and Caldari as one conflict and Ammar and Minmatar as the other armistice. And pod pilots from all empires didnt care an ISK about the truce. Freedom Fighters, zealots, smugglers and businessmen from the galaxies just shot at each other or said "A fat lot i care". But there was a day when the news showed one of those super carriers, a NYX-class, steered deliberateley into a station managed by Ishukone corporation. Well .. this really ment war.

The Nyx is a gigantic homage to a figure much loved in Gallente society. The ship’s design is based on the scepter of Doule dos Rouvenor III, the king who, during his peaceful 36-year reign, was credited with laying the foundation for the technologically and socially progressive ideologies which have pervaded Gallente thought in the millennia since. Indeed, the Nyx itself is emblematic of the Gallenteans’ love for progress; packed to the ergonomic brim with the latest in cutting-edge advancements, it is a proud reminder of the things that make the Federation what it is.

The unstable truce between Gallente and Caldari broke. Shortly after this it was war all out.

My interest reawakend. War ment new targets and lots of it. I hired a new crew for my Tristan interceptor class star ship and went to reap the harvest.

Interceptors utilize a combination of advanced alloys and electronics to reduce their effective signature radius. This, along with superior maneuverability and speed, makes them very hard to target and track, particularly for high caliber turrets. Developer: Duvolle Labs. Duvolle labs manufactures sturdy ships with a good mix of offensive and defensive capacities. Since its foremost manufacturer of Particle Blasters its ships tend to favor turrets and thus have somewhat higher power output than normal.

The new wargrounds of the empire militias were in my huntinground - lowsec space. CONCORD rarerly ventured here and if, they only stood at the gates huddling around their escape route. The weeks of piracy didn't tame my inner beast. I was ready to claw out again.