Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The spoils of war

Kourmonen was a system where a lot of action was about to happen. The local pirate community was happy about the new targets and the Amarr and Minmatar militias were fighting around the system's planets. I plotted a course to the planets and watched nearly at every entry point a battle. Military compounds were found and at the acceleration gates fights erupted nearly instantly when defending pilots headed to the intruders to dispell them from the system.
In the 3 months i was in hiatus i didnt notice that the terrorist Minmatar Freedom Fighter community called Ushra'Khan had a expeditionary corps they called Kinda'Shujaa.

In one month i nearly saw them everywhere around the battlegrounds fighting for the Minmatar milita. And they fought with a vigor i have not seen very often these days. After my body was cleaned via nanocleansing from all drug effects i volunteered to the Kinda'Shuuja corp - and was taken in.

Then i began my killing spree in Kourmonen and surroundings. Seven ships in one day were destroyed with my assistance. My crew got comfortable with the layout of the Taranis and i got confident. We nearly slept in the ship and didnt dock up for targets presented themselves everywhere. Another three ships went down, their crews spilling out of the wrecks while two pods escaped. The third enemy would hopefully wake up in his clone vat. We searched for more.