Friday, May 29, 2009

AAR 05/28/09

Once in my quarters in DAL i turned the com-systems on to be overwhelmed by massive radio talk. A WT carrier was pinned down in DAL. As i was still confused by the massive paperwork i had down in the days before and the planetside voyage i needed whole 2 minutes (freaking awesome) to realize that i was docked in DAL. Dammit. As i undocked my Stabber Cruiser i filtered the radio message to get the info, that the carrier was in structure. As i came out of warp it was destroyed. Debris, emergency capsules and statics all over the place. And a lot of friendly ships. Incidents of friendly fire still arise and this place was no exception.

Anyhow. Some minutes after i landed two war target frigates, punishers, just came out of warp near me. What were they thinking? Landing in a hornets nest they were nearly instantly popped.

It was time for the roaming gang which i postponed from tuesday to thursday. We have now mission running fleets too and i was surprised to get instantly four comrades in frigates. AS we assembled we took the opportunity to pop a rigged "Cormorant" class destroyer worth nearly 100 million ISK. The excape capsules left nearly instantly so the captain and the crew of the destroyer were fully awake and knew what the odds were against us.

We left the system to the low-sec systems of the Metropolis region. After three jumps we got a positive contact, that some amarrian war targets were trying to take a plex. Two interceptors orbited the minmatar navy at the plex station and we made our way to take the plex station back.

Now i like the ancient earthen game called chess a lot. And something really similar evolved. After 5 to 10 minutes the enemy changed ships to cruisers. And we got one cruiser on its way while still using four frigates and one destroyer. Meanwhile i changed from a close range destroyer to a long range "Cormorant" class destroyer and our "Rupture" class cruiser was in warp to the plex.

When, finally, we reconquered the plex the enemy arrived with a "Maller", an "Arbitrator" (both cruisers) and a "Retribution". Things went smooth. With the loss of only one "Rifter" we smashed all three enemies.

We joked a bit on our way home that to make this roam even better we just need a WT on a gate ready to be blasted. And hey, wishes sometimes come true. A rigged "Crow" orbited the gate we came in, was attacked and exterminated. A glorious roam.