Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And again - system anomalies interfere with a battle

In a very nice fight against the amarrian forces in Auga i lost my trusty Taranis. It had served me and my crew some long months. Sadly enough i was podded too. So i woke up to the sound of Mozart in my clone station vat. What a loss. Due to a system anomaly me and some other pilot experienced time shift and saw things that never happened or just saw nothing at all (ooc: lag). This oocured in the middle of the fight.

Low-Security systems are notoriously known for system anomalies. Whereas in null.null-space you rarely ever experience them it is getting more than a nuisance to the pod pilots here in the militia warfare. Our scientists are looking into it to get some further insight but all we really have is hope. Hope that the anomalies some podpilots call "lag" will be diminishing.