Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short update

I am FC'ing now and will take small gangs into lo-sec to secure systems for the Minmatar militia.

Did the first roaming fleet yesterday and i had fun while it lasted. Sadly i only had one hour time to play and after plexing a minor in Tararan i had to leave. To my dismay we didn'*t encounter a war target that we could have pwned (WTFBBQRIFTAAAAH) but alas .. such is eve.

I did a brief (very longwinded ^^) introduction to fleet maneuver/actions e.g. what to do after jumping into a system, what a scout does, what the ECM does, how a fleet is arranged in a plex against hostiles and so.

I apologize to the veterans for the crash course but i hope you too did find it a bit refreshing.

Will definitely do it again.