Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another fleet action

Wednesdays are not good for fleet actions but we got one running anyhow. We got 2 rifters one replaced with another rifter, 1 Tristan replaced by a Kestrel replaced by a Catalyst, 1 Cormorant replaced by a Thrasher and one Hawk. Later on we got two more frigates but to my dismay it was to late to go on with the fleet.

Rally Point for the fleet was Dal and everybody tried to come as fast as possible to the 2nd station. We started with some problems when 4th Dominion was ganked in Amamake on undock by pirates in and some news about amarrian scum flying around in big blob fleets. Additionally we heard about an engagement at top station in DAL and soon Mr. 15sec and me were enroute to this station. The action was over when we arrived as Hoffnar took the enemy out. Soon enough a claw was incoming and shredded my 10 minutes old Tristan to pieces. But Mr. 15sec and Hoffnar took him out soon enough. I replaced my Tristan with a rocket Kestrel because at this point we didn't have enough raw DPS. I hoped that the changes to missiles are not affecting the damage of rockets towards small ships. We would see.

An amarrian Tristan did cat and mouse games with us and warped away as soon as one of us came to engagement range. The amarrian blob arrived in Dal and camped a gate but the reason for the small fleets is to play in lagfest with larger blobs. At least we were ready to go and the course was set towards Arzad where the amarrians have made some progress.

As our scout jumped into Arzad he reported a pirate in a rupture that came into our system. We arranged to optimals and engaged him. Then confusion spread as someone on the comsystem called that he is one of us. Half of the fleet stopped laying fire on the rupture which by this time was already in half armor and had popped Jeddak in his rifter. Fast checks on the overview and the bracket systems showed that he was a valid target by rules of concord and we engaged again. As we soon learned he once was a pilot in our own corporation who went the piracy way. Too bad. We blasted his rupture into nothingness for the loss of my Kestrel.

My fit can't be that bad as it turned 2nd on the damage listing. Well. I lost it and replaced it by a Catalyst.

We wanted to rally in Ezzara when a new/the old amarrian blob consisting of more than 20 ships arrived there and began to plexing. By luck and sneaky skills we could assemble in Arzad and there we did our roaming, our main mission. We encountered no war target and heard only then over the com-systems that the militias clashed in Ezarra. The amarrians took a victory from the militia fleet because of more ECM and firepower. Soon after we stood down in Arzad.