Thursday, February 19, 2009

And on we go

Despite the recent backlash with the terrible system anomalies (even with the new Ramsan) our militia is doing good progress. We liberated the Ezzara system from the Amarrians and went on with our task. We felt that our pressure has made an impression on the amarrian militia. We encounter our foes not so often as before and when we do, we mostly win. At least thats the feeling we get in our corporation Tribal Core, my new home.

Tribal Core is doing a corp internal frigate tournament. Its a tourney where mostly all of our pilots have a go at each other in 1vs1. I hope i can give a good show for the money. The rules are easy and the fittings including the ship itself have to stay below 2 million isk. Thats all. I will post the results here.