Sunday, February 15, 2009

Petition turned down

Well, as expected CCP turned down my petition:


Thank you for the information you have provided.

Unfortunately all reimbursement petitions must be verified through our server side logs, which do not show that any server issues happened during the approximate time of your ship loss. This is not to say that anything you have said is not believed, however we must be able to find information to support the reimbursement as well as many other factors.

At this time your reimbursement request has been denied.

Best Regards,
GM Gilsev
The EVE Online Customer Support Team"

The problem with this, that CCP indeed acknowledges server issues with Faction Warfare in this thread. And they ask us players to give them details of the fights. We did. And i did it with the laggy battle where i lost my Taranis. But they still turn it down because their server protocols dont show it.

"Dear Sirs and managers,

thanks for answering. Your answer isnt very conclusive. We players have wittnesses for the lag. You have nothing in your protocol. I trust my eyes and my PC and my wittnes more than your server protocols.

But as this is your standard answer i just quit playing Faction Warfare until you decide to fix it. The small problem is that Faction Warfare was one reason i made and trained skills with this character so i can have small scale PVP. If i don't get fun out of a game, i will leave a game. If you make conditions where a player can not act the player is disappointed, Up to a point where he simply leaves this game to get to a new one where he isnt gutted about playing. Just as a reminder for your marketing crew.

Yours sincerely

Perhaps its time to go to piracy and/or spec a trader and for CCP to get better server protocols or players within Faction Warfare so they can see the lag with their own eyes. For now i am very disappointed with CCP and EVE.


Worg said...

Someone call him a wahhhhmbulance.

I WISH every whiner would quit Eve when they are screwed over by lag issues. It's the nature of the net, get used to it or pick up casual gaming.

Heinz Kraessler said...

Well, yes. I would nod to it when it is so easy. THe problem is that with FW all people in all war theaters experience the lag. There is even an analysis done by some FW members and CCP acknowledged the problem.

It's not the normal lag we all experience from time to time. Its in every single battle 10ppls up. That is the problem and not whining. I wish your post would be more thought out. But you are just trolling.