Monday, January 28, 2008

Ships aplenty

In the past days i switched from frigate to frigate of the various factions in empire. Currently the crew was accustomized to the gallente layout of the consoles and computers. Now we were sitting in a Rifter, proud of the Matari people. If you can be proud of some piece of junk held by duct tape that is.

Anyway. The recent experiences showed some flaws in my tactics. I was eager to iron out these flaws. Firing up the active scanner my weapons officer informed me nearly instantly about a firing solution for a frigate located at planet VII. The engines roared to warp drive inside the ships hull protesting against their mounts. Soon our frigate sped out of the warp tunnel and engaged the other frigate. It happens that it was a Rifter class too. As we closed the distance the weapons officer opened up fire while the navigation officer plotted a course to orbit our prey. Soon our EMP rounds tore big chunks out of his armor, destroying his shield in nearly two salvos.

EMP: A new technology, this highly advanced ammunition emits a focused EM pulse. Very potent against shields.

During this operation i scanned the vicinity again and realized that in an asteroid belt near our current position a small Breacher class frigate was cruising around.

The Breacher's structure is little more than a fragile scrapheap, but the ship's missile launcher hardpoints and superior sensors have placed it among the most valued Minmatar frigates when it comes to long range combat.

As the hull of our target disintegrated into the vacuum of the cold space and debris, cargo and hapless crew members were frozen instantly i ordered course to the the next target. Very soon our Rifter once again sprang out of the warp tunnel and right next to the Breacher frigate. The pilot didn't expect to be attacked and it seemed that no action was taken on his part to sped away. Again i ordered the attack and soon enough the Breachers hull was broken. Once again my crew cheered. MattCalladan, who is another pirate in the region, turned up. We flew some hunts together and managed to kill two more frigates out there. Good job Matt.

Exhausted but upbeat i ordered the course to set home.