Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dull period

In every life there is a time of dullness, utter boredom or simply said, there is nothing to do. That was the way with my life for 5 days. I roamed the low-sec systems of Metropolis, Heimatar and Molden Heath only to discover that there were no ships which me and my crew in our trusty Merlin could attack with any chance of winning. Not even a small chance.

Low-sec systems see the same phenomenon as the ruthless 0.0 systems. The ship get bigger and bigger, deadlier and more heavily tanked. No chance for a lonely frigate to attack battlecruisers, command ships or battleships.

During this dull period there formed some thoughts of wolfpack and skirmish warfare. I stored theses ideas for later use when i have formed my own corporation. Yes ... no more working for a corporation except it is mine, no more working for the monsters.