Monday, January 21, 2008

Fools Gold

During my ventures with another (t)rusty Rifter me and my crew went to belt hunting. We were searching for another Rifter in the system of Eifer. Eifer is a very busy solar system where lots of asteroid belts ready to mine wait for some of the miners and wannabes out there. Eifer is also a low-sec system where a lot of fresh and aspiring captains from high sec-corporations are directed to.

The chase was on. My crew and me got excited as we realized that an assault frigate joined the chase. A Jaguar class assault frigate to be precise.

(The Jaguar is a versatile ship capable of reaching speeds unmatched by any other assault-class vessel. While comparatively weak on the defensive front it sports great flexibility, allowing pilots considerable latitude in configuring their loadouts for whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Being the brain-child of the nomadic Thukkers, it is no surprise the Jaguar is as fast as it is. Initially conceived as a way for the tribe to pack some added punch to their organized detachments, they've found it to be equally useful as messenger, scout and escort, and it is likely to become one of the most commonly-seen ships in the Thukkers' stomping grounds.)

The Rifter would be eaten to breakfast by this assault frigate. But i might be able to join the party when the Jaguar and my prey would mess with each other. A gamble, but one i would take bets on nonetheless.

For more than half an hour we were chasing each other from asteroid belts to safe scan spots in the system and back to near misses in the belts. Then the dies were cast. We headed to a belt where the scan system informed the weapon officer that both ships were in. Trusting the computer we planned the course and i ordered to enter warp velocity. Midway into warp the results from the scan system looked not so fun anymore. The Jaguar was alone in the belts. And just as for confirmation the warp tunnel caved in and the monitors showed to us an assault frigate in just 5.000m range. I ordered the ship to immediately enter warp to a near celestial object but alas it was too late. Our warp drive was scrambled and we could not leave the system. In no time our shield and armor were shredded to nothingness and once again i found myself in my rescue pod.

Red colored stars began drifting into my brain when i plotted the course back to yet another ship and another crew in my hangar.


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