Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new dawn

I was enlisted to the Caldari State War Academy* and in my last exams when i finally went berserk. I knew it was all around, lingering in my head, cowering at every corner that lay in the dark of my mind. I dodged this feeling for a good year. But now it was too much. The creatures attacked me from everywhere. Leutnant Charled Heizer stood no chance against the Skye Laser i wielded with Deadly Efficiency.

(*The State War Academy was founded shortly after the Caldari State came into being while the war with the Gallente Federation was still in full swing. Due to this, the academy has always had a very combat oriented slant, as opposed to the broader scope of ship handling).

They took me from my quarters. Many fanged monsters standing guard over me. During the transport to the periphery systems our convoy was attacked by Amarrian religious fanatics. The ship was boarded and me and some other hapless prisoners, waiting for the mines, were welcomed in slavery and "reeducation". But the new monsters were ambushed by a group of pirates. And there i embraced the way of piracy. No more monsters that can harm me. I can be the monster.