Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Frerstorn incident

Here we go with another quick insight into tactical errors and good learning from the enemy from our previous engagements.

When i logged in i heard corp communications trying to get a fight from some arbitrators and Mallers but were too low on ppl. Enemy WT were Vigilia VEF again. We quickly got a small gang together. We had like 4 cruisers and 3 BC. WT strength was estimated to 4 cruisers+. The WT did open up a major in Frerstorn which was uncontested. WT left system, we were spotted earlier and they got the intel.

Soon after we asked ourselves why should we close the plex: no points, no chance to get a fight and so on.

We warped to Ardar gate. Soon after a WT prophecy jumped through to us. Ardar intel was still Arbis and mallers. I ordered the attack on the prophecy. And then it went down the drain ^^. A guardian, an armageddon an executioner and something else jumped us. We had the prophecy in 50% armor but the guardian was repping him. At the point where i wanted to have the guardian down he was over 20km away.


I gave the order to break off.

Only later did i realize that i missed one friendly BC going afk.

Lessons learned:
Always / ALWAYS have a scout in the next system. Scouts should be in voice. If you dont have a mic you cant be scout. If no one has a mic, nobody is scout and no fleet will be active.

Lesson to myself: Be quicker to see the real threat: the guardian. And: We need ECM ships and drones. Much more. Train them EC-drones are easy to learn.

And another lesson: VVEF has a broad range of ships up to BS and logisitcs.