Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy times

I have founded the Tuesday roams in our ever growing Faction Warfare corporation in the Minmatar Militia. Every tuesday i will FC a fleet of small ships to roam around contested systems to free them and to down some Amarrian milita pilots. So far we have met with mixed success some target of opportunity.


We assembled in Dal and left at 2005 EVE the system for Metropolis region again. VV is doing a show there and i thought it a good idea to spank their presence while they feel overconfident of themselves. Even from the losses we inflicted on them yesterday.

Our fleet consisted of mostly frigs with one heroic Jeddak taking a rupture and presenting himself as primary in every encounter.

In Ardar we encountered VV. They consisted of one punisher and two mallers, then another maller joined them. We didnt tackle them and went to safes. After that we got a call from Sasawong in Eytangard again. He had plexes open and the system was contested. Sasawong brought a trasher into the gang.

We assembled at the button to have cover from the 1st spawn of friendly NPCs. Soon after 3 WT came into the system. Two Mallers and one Arbitrator. And soon enough they warped in. Plan was to lure them into the plex near the button so that enough NPC spawns will help us. We killed two waves of Warrior II from the Arbitrator. The Mallers advanced and we got damage. Command was now to warp out to a SafeSpot and double back to the acc gate to get them in the midst of their plexing.

Plan succeded the enemy contact. kb/?a=kill_related&kll_id=30472

We killed them, killed another wave of Valkyrie II, chased the survivors away and closed the plex.